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Complaints Policy

This Complaints Policy sets out Value Learning’s  commitment to responding fairly, constructively and consistently to concerns or complaints about our programs and services.

Our Commitment

Value Learning is committed to ensuring quality experiences and services for our clients, learners and external stakeholders such as educational authorities, regulatory bodies, corporate partners, and our own staff or contractors.

We welcome and invite feedback on what we do, both positive and critical, and will use that feedback to continuously improve our operations. In the event that there is concern or dissatisfaction with our programs, processes and communications we will endeavour to address them in a responsive, fair, consistent and efficient way.

Value Learning will make its complaint process transparent and accessible, will monitor and report on its use, and will regularly review this Policy to ensure it continues to be relevant.

Complaints Management

This Policy applies to any complaint or dissatisfaction about Value Learning’s business – our learning programs, the services we contract to deliver for others, the interactions we have with stakeholders such as schools, Government Departments and partners, and the relationships we have with suppliers and other service providers to Value Learning.

Such complaints might be in relation to, for example: the quality, timeliness and efficiency of our programs and services; the communications and interactions with our team; or the appropriateness and accuracy of our information.

Issues within Value Learning are dealt with through our complaint handling processes.


Management of complaints will be based on the following principles:

  • We will ensure complainants understand the process and how resolution will be sought;

  • Formal complaints will be recorded and acknowledged on receipt, and their progress documented;

  • We will provide an appropriate response and resolution as soon as possible; if this requires longer than 2 weeks the reasons will be communicated to the complainant;

  • The issue will be dealt with by the directors of Value Learning and where the situation cannot be resolved, or otherwise necessary, independent mediation will be sought;

  • Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained to the greatest extent possible;

  • Complainants will be advised of outcomes as soon as possible after a decision is made.

Our Process

There may be issues of concern or dissatisfaction which are relatively minor and can be addressed in an informal way by the most appropriate person. 


Where this approach to resolution does not satisfactorily address the complainant’s issue, and/or they wish to make a formal complaint:

  1. Complaints should be made in writing by email contact at This should provide the type and nature of the complaint; the complainant’s details, and indicate (if relevant) the resolution they are seeking.

  2. Value Learning will discuss and document the complaint, provide any relevant information about the issue, and advise the complainant on the action to be taken and probable timeframe for decision. If longer than 2 weeks they will provide reasons and feedback.

  3. The complaint will be investigated in a robust, unbiased and timely fashion and an appropriate response or remedy will be provided.  Remedies will aim to be fair to both the complainant and to Value Learning and will be applied consistently.

  4. If a resolution is not reached, Value Learning will review the decision and consider alternative mechanisms which may be relevant. It may refer the complainant to external agencies, for example, Ombudsman, tribunals where this is appropriate. 


The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of this Policy and the complaints handling process. Where necessary, issues and decisions may be referred to an external mediator.

Policy Updates

This policy was updated in November 2021 and will be reviewed at least every two years to ensure it remains up to date.

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