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Our Partners & Memberships


Value Learning Intercultural Specialists is proud to partner with and hold membership to a number of the world's most innovative organisations in the field of Intercultural Learning and International Education.  We share and provide services, use learning frameworks and deliver globally recognised programs and courses that develop the intercultural competence of  participants across a range of industries and generations. 

We are also members of the key bodies that drive research and global competence through intercultural learning expertise.  These memberships ensure we are supported by processes of continual improvement and are delivering  excellence and best practise in our projects and programs. 

Our Memberships

The Sietar Australia Logo with green purple and gold lines


SIETAR AUSTRALASIA is our regional member of the world's largest association of inter-culturalists, the worldwide SIETAR network. They work to contribute to more effective intercultural communication and enhance intercultural awareness in policy-making, business, education and civil society. They have a growing network of intercultural specialists and  provide opportunities for personal and professional exhanges. They contribute the the development of professional standards, promote research and encourage publication.

Sietar Australasia

A water drop suspended over a pool of water on a turquoise background


IEAA is a not for profit membership based organisation that strives to empower Australian professionals and organisations that provide and support international education.  They set the benchmarks for standards in International Education and recognise and reward best practice with their annual awards.  

IEAA - International Education Association of Australia

The Intercultural Learning Inventory Logo with a purple stylised world and idi under it


We are qualified administrators of the The Intercultural Development Inventory®  - the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organisations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes 

IDI - Intercultural Development Inventory

The IES Intercultural Effectiveness Scale Logo. It as blue coloured hands in a circle


The IES provides an assessment of the degree to which individuals possess competencies that are critical to interacting effectively with people from other cultural backgrounds. These include intercultural self awareness, continuous learning and resilience. This is an effective tool that we utilise in our work across a range of organisations.

IES -The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale

Our Partners

The AFS Global Competence Certificate Logo with the AFS Intercultural logo on the right


The GCC is a research-backed, award-winning program that has helped ten of thousands of individuals across six continents improve their global competence and enhance their appreciation for and ability to learn, work and thrive across differences. Value Learning leverages the AFS GCC as an effective tool as a part of its intercultural learning consultation, facilitation, and program design and development services for education, non-profit, and government organisations across Australia.

Global Competence Certificate

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