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About AFS Global STEM Innovators

The Global STEM Innovators is a suite of 5-week, virtual exchange programs culminating in 2-day in-person sustainability workshops; In 2022, the programs will be piloted and implemented in Perth, Australia (in partnership with Value Learning); Cairo, Egypt (in partnership with AFS Egypt); and Jakarta, Indonesia (in partnership with AFS Indonesia).

The online program and workshop will focus on STEM, global competence, and sustainability, with an emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Scholars who participate and excel in these local workshops may also be eligible to apply for the Global STEM Accelerator or Global STEM Academy scholarships in future cohorts.

Value Learning will be implementing the AFS Global STEM Innovators program in Australia. Value Learning Intercultural Specialists is committed to advancing global competence and fostering intercultural understanding. Value Learning provides consultation, facilitation, and program design and development to education, youth, non-profit, and government
organisations. Directors and co-founders Marcela Lapertosa and Fran Baxter have been working with AFS Intercultural Programs for more than 20 years and bring extensive experience in the fields of global competence, program management and event coordination.  

Engineering Robot Car

Learning Objectives

AFS Global STEM programs provide an exceptional opportunity to build critical intercultural skills and drive sustainability and STEM training that will help students thrive in a global economy. Each program brings together diverse groups of students for an exciting and enriching experience.


AFS experiences are designed to help students mature and develop interpersonal understanding and intercultural skills, including:
● Discovering new ways to view and solve problems
● Learning to respect and value differences
● Becoming more self-confident and flexible
● Exploring and discovering new cultures
● Learning to step outside of one’s comfort zone
● Sharing everyday life and cultural traditions with a global cohort of peers and mentors
● Practicing leadership and collaborating across differences

After program completion, scholars will be invited to an alumni community which will offer diverse mentoring opportunities, skills development sessions, panel discussions and other academic and professional development opportunities.

Virtual Curriculum

The 5-week virtual Global Competence program will build the competence for participants to be active global citizens and engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals fundamental to creating a more sustainable future.


Working individually through self-paced/asynchronous content (online, interactive modules, games, and  quizzes), participants come together for live dialogue sessions on Zoom with global peers, overseen by AFS facilitators each week. 

● Participation requires approximately 2.5 hours of time each week.
● The virtual program is designed to be flexible enough that it can fit around school schedules.
● Each live session will be offered at multiple times to accommodate diverse schedules and learners’ needs.
● Participants will be able to indicate desired scheduling preferences for the live sessions.

The virtual curriculum is mandatory for all Global STEM Innovators scholars.

Online Class

Weekend Workshop

After completion of the online curriculum, students meet for a  2-day local in-person workshop. Value Learning is responsible for planning and delivering the workshop activities and experiences, aligned to the overall program goals and learning objectives. Please note that exact program dates and local transport arrangements to the venues are subject to change based on travel restrictions and/or requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Applicants must be 14-16 years old at the program start date (birth dates from October 1, 2006 through October 1, 2008).

  • Each participant must be able to participate fully in a classroom setting and program conducted entirely in English.

  • Because the Innovators program is designed to create local impact, applicants must reside in the Perth region or surrounding areas. 

  • Applicants must have the ability and willingness to travel to the in-person workshop which will be held in Kwinana* and the Perth CBD.  *Transport will be provided via existing public transport routes and links. 

  • We are seeking applicants who display a demonstrated interest in sustainability, STEM and who enjoy interacting with a diversity of people within Australian culture.

  • Talented young people from all backgrounds who reflect the diversity of the Australian population: particularly young women, underrepresented populations, and students with high financial need, are strongly encouraged to apply!

What technology will students need ?

  • A computer, smartphone or other digital device to access the virtual program content*

  • An integrated webcam and microphone for participation in online dialogue sessions*

  • Stable internet or Wi-Fi connection*

  • *If hardware or internet accessibility is an issue, AFS is equipped to help.

Young People at a Workshop

Recruitment of candidates

AFS is committed to increasing global diversity and inclusion in international education. Eligible and talented students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, especially young women, students with high financial need, and underrepresented populations in the STEM fields. Strong candidates will be ready to fully immerse themselves in the academic and intercultural learning experience for the duration of the program.

AFS seeks candidates who demonstrate:

  • strengths in academics, particularly for those with an interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math          (STEM);

  • a keen interest in sustainability, sustainable development, and climate change;

  • a keen interest to learn about and engage with other cultures.


AFS partners locally with community-based organisations, foundations, corporations, and schools that serve underrepresented communities and recruit directly through teachers in underserved communities and schools globally. Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Selection of Scholarship Recipients

Application review and scholarship selection is conducted by AFS on a competitive evaluation to ensure that all students are selected without preference or prejudice and solely on the quality of their application, merits, and experience. 

Costs covered by the scholarship

All Global STEM Innovators admissions are awarded by scholarship only, and cover the following costs:
Full tuition to the five-week digital program and 2-day local workshop

  • All costs associated with the in-person workshop, including lunch and snacks

  • On-site emergency support during the workshop

  • Certificate of participation upon satisfactory program completion

Digital art exhibit

About AFS Intercultural Programs

AFS Intercultural Programs is a global not-for-profit that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Through international exchange programs, education initiatives, volunteerism and advocacy, AFS empowers people from all backgrounds with essential global skills—and the passion for making a difference. AFS Intercultural Programs leverages the power and reach of 57 National AFS Organisations working together to accelerate our local, global and collective impact and the skills needed to succeed in a global economy.


For more than 75 years, AFS has had an exceptional reputation for providing quality international programs that develop skills essential to succeed in the 21st century. Research shows that the AFS experience:

  • Builds confidence, broadens perspectives, and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Includes respected intercultural education and language learning components that are valued by universities and                            employers

  • Offers fun experiences that make learning easy and meaningful to teens

  • Provides lifelong access to a global community of friends, connections, and volunteer opportunities.

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