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Value Learning are experts when it comes to working with teenagers, children  and teachers. We offer a range of  learning workshops and activities that can be delivered in your school to help prepare your students to grow their intercultural understanding and capability.  

Our workshops are designed to be offered online or in person in your primary school or secondary school. Ranging from two hour introductory workshops, best suited for primary age students, through to half and full day workshops with follow up webinars for secondary students. Our workshops are age relevant, linked to the Australian Curriculum, highly interactive and fun. They give students the opportunity to work together as they learn key skills for a global world. We offer the opportunity to customise programs to the specific needs of the school community.

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Yours, Mine and Our culture  

This intercultural understanding workshop focusses on experiential learning and uses interactive methods to help students build their cultural awareness and understanding. Students start to explore and share their own cultural identities and step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment as they learn and appreciate differences.  
They are introduced to a framework for understanding culture and learn how to suspend judgement and create positive behaviours when experiencing differences. The workshop is engaging, fun and educational while also promoting and supporting self awareness, cultural diversity and inclusiveness. 

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Intercultural Sprint: Building an Inclusive school

During the Intercultural Sprint students use design thinking principles to consider the question: How might we create a more diverse and inclusive school? 
Students explore and discuss the topic in their classes to identify issues related to discrimination, racism or non inclusive practices that may occur at school in preparation for a full day workshop where they will design, sketch and choose the most popular ideas to create a school environment that is more respectful, inclusive and understanding of cultural differences. 
This workshop can be delivered both in person and online with students from one class or across different age groups. Teachers will receive a tool kit to follow up on implementation plans for the ideas created.

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Student Intercultural Leadership Mentoring Program

The Student Intercultural Leadership Mentoring Program is designed to help students develop the skills needed to support new arrivals in their school and community, such as international students, immigrants and refugees. 

In a highly interactive workshop, participants work with a trained facilitator to explore cultural identities and develop empathetic strategies to help new students immerse into their school community in a positive and inclusive way. This prepares student mentors to implement a structured approach to mentoring peers who have recently joined your school community and represent different cultures. 

This program is an ideal add-on for existing buddy programs and student leadership groups. 

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