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Our Services

When it comes to intercultural learning programs Value Learning offer expertise in assisting a wide range of organisations. We work with primary and secondary schools, universities, government agencies and their affiliates and global organisations seeking to enhance their performance in the international marketplace. 

The team at Value Learning are accredited to administer internationally recognised intercultural assessment tools that assess global competence and provide developmental strategies for teams and individuals.  We specialise in experiential learning and offer interactive programs online and in person that foster deeper cultural awareness, cultural curiosity, empathy and an open minded approach when confronted by difference. Changes in behaviour can occur when learning in a supportive environment with skilled facilitation.

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Value Learning are experts when it comes to working with teenagers, children  and teachers. We offer a range of intercultural learning workshops that can be run in your school to help prepare your students to grow their global citizenship through understanding and developing intercultural learning skills and strategies.  

Our workshops are designed to be offered online or in person in your primary school or secondary school. Ranging from two hour introductory workshops, best suited for primary age students, through to half and full day workshops with follow up webinars for secondary students. Our workshops are age relevant, linked to the Australian Curriculum, highly interactive and fun. They give students the opportunity to work together as they learn key skills for a global world. We offer the opportunity to customise programs to the specific needs of the school community.

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Educators play a critical role in helping students develop their global skills and knowledge. Supporting the work of educators who are providing intercultural learning is a core component of our program offering. We provide tools and and resources to enable educators to provide transformative and engaging learning experiences for their students.

However, this is often not enough. In order for educators to support their students they need to feel confident in their own global competence and intercultural understanding. We can help by offering introductory and advanced learning which builds the solid foundation needed for professional practice.


We support diverse groups and organisations for whom intercultural communication is a vital skill to the success of their performance and organisational success. The Value Learning team is experienced in helping organisations by identifying training needs, analysing and designing best interventions, and evaluating results.

As certified administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale, and qualified trainers for the Global Competence Certificate, our team can help individuals, teams or organisations assess and develop their intercultural competence. Our courses can be adjusted to align with your needs and offer a transformational experience for teams to work together to enhance their global skills in an interactive and meaningful way.

International Education 

International education is a vital part of Australia's education system and found in all education sectors; schools, vocational education, English language learning, foundation studies and higher education. Value Learning offers a variety of services to education providers to support their international programs and maximise learning outcomes.

In addition to managing programs we offer valuable intercultural training and workshops for students (inbound and outbound), teaching staff, homestay providers and support teams.