Victorian Young Leaders to India Program


The Victorian Young Leaders (VYL) to India Program is for year 9 students, designed to prepare them to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an increasingly interconnected global community. The initiative contributes to the Victoria’s India Strategy, which sets out a 10-year plan for strengthening economic, government to government and people to people ties between Victoria and India.

Connections between young people in Victoria and India are vital for the future of the bilateral relationship and for developing a future workforce that is confident in engaging with India. 


The  VYL India program will be offered virtually in 2022. This innovative and exciting program has been developed to achieve the same objectives by leveraging technology to connect Victorian students virtually with schools in India and the local Indian diaspora community.  

Value Learning has been appointed to deliver the Virtual program for the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET).  

Our Shared Future


The Victorian Young Leaders to India program offers a transformative six-week virtual journey for Year 9 students in 2022. The program will witness students and teachers engaging in meaningful online collaboration to develop global competencies, use design thinking to develop a STEM project, enhance intercultural capability, and explore the diversity of Indian culture through guided peer interactions.

Victoria enjoys a close relationship with India and is home to Australia’s largest Indian population. The VYL India Program equips students with the increased ability to engage now and in the future with the world’s second largest population and fifth largest economy.

 Virtual VYL India Program 2022

VYL India offers 40 Victorian year 9 students, and 40 students in Indian schools the chance to learn together on a virtual program commencing mid February 2022. The six week program will give students the opportunity to grow their intercultural capability, build new friendships beyond closed borders, and apply their STEM skills in an engaging design challenge.

Program Objectives

The program will bring together students and teachers from Australia and India, working together to:


  • foster connections and develop relationships with communities and schools of India and with the Indian diaspora in Victoria

  • develop students’ engagement and future opportunities in STEM by completing a project and design challenge which addresses a real world issue related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • build intercultural capability by completing the Global Competence Certificate (GCC), an online 10 module program with live online reflective sessions, and through guided interactions to build understanding of culture, life and school in Australia and India.

  • develop students' global citizenship and leadership capabilities.

Virtual VYL India Program Structure

This innovative virtual program brings together a range of engaging activities for students:

  • Work in school groups for the 5-week design challenge

  • Buddy with a student in India

  • Hear from STEM champions in Australia  and India

  • Be mentored on group  projects

  • Apply STEM solutions to a problem related to the  UN Sustainable Development Goals  

  • Gain intercultural skills through the Global Competence Certificate

Schools and Teachers

Teachers from each school will enhance their professional practice:

  • Network, learn and establish relationship with teachers in India

  • Learn first hand the realities of life and learning in India- what can we learn, what can we share?

  • Build intercultural capability and learn skills and frameworks for application in the classroom

  • Learn techniques and frameworks for design thinking

  • Teachers participating in the Virtual Program will be allocated 4 days of Casual Relief Time (CRT)

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Schools and Teachers

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Indian Diaspora and Community

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Victorian Young Leaders Program Background


The Victorian Young Leaders (VYL) Program is an award-winning program that offers life-changing immersion experience for Year 9 students and supporting teachers. The program provides students the opportunity to spend time to learn with an international school and also learn about the culture (China, India and Indonesia). Students participating in the program will develop their leadership and global citizenship skills, language skills and intercultural understanding and awareness.


The VYL Programs contribute to making Victoria the Education State by equipping all students, regardless of their background or circumstances, with the personal and practical skills to live the lives they want to live, and get the jobs they need. It’s also aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 intercultural components and cross curriculum priorities. 

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