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What is the Victorian Young Leaders to India Program ?

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The Victorian Young Leaders to India (VYL India) offers a transformative six-week virtual journey for Year 9 students in 2023, commencing with an in-person event in Melbourne and online for Indian students. The program will witness students and teachers engaging in meaningful online collaboration to develop global competencies, use design thinking to develop a STEM project, enhance intercultural capability, and explore the diversity of Indian culture through guided peer interactions.

Victorian Young Leaders to India - Information for schools 

Students in a Science Class

VYL India Program Elements

Program Dates 2023

21 February - 4 April

Victorian Schools
Information sessio

Indian Schools 
Information Session

Frequently asked 

Expression of Interest

Victorian Young Leaders to India - Program components 

Buddy Meet Up

This is time to discuss the learning from the GCC and to build relationships with buddies and engage in activities together.

Opening & Closing

At the start and the end of the VYL India Program the whole group comes together for a program opening and closing.

Design Challenge

 Students will work together on learning the key elements of design thinking and hear from STEM mentors.

Group Projects

Students will work in combined AUS - IN school teams to develop their STEM projects to address a problem related to


Global Skills

Students build their intercultural capability by working through the online GCC program.

Victorian Young Leaders to India - Past Students Share Their Stories 

 VYL India Program Week to Week 



Participant Onboarding and Setting the Context

  • Bonding as a team

  • Clarifying Program Specific Knowledge

  • Overview of the six-week journey ahead

  • Setting and Understanding Expectations

  • Pre-program sessions are facilitated separately in Victorian and Indian schools. 

Week 1

Your VYL India Program Begins!

Program Opening

  • Keynote speaker

  • Meet the Mentors

  • Introduction to  the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Workshop & engagement activities to identify student projects for the five-week design challenge


Week 2


  • Get to know your buddy

Design Challenge

Students are challenged to identify problems related to the SDGs that can be solved through the design thinking process and addressed in their group projects using a STEM response.

Week 3

  • Progress your group work activities

  • Build your global competence through online learning 

  • Discuss stereotypes and learn how to suspend judgement 


Students start ideating for the possible solutions of the defined problems through brainstorming, sharing perspectives, and stimulated thinking.

Engineering Robot Car

Week 4


  • Intercultural Capability and buddy meet up

  • Explore cultural values and communication Styles

  • Continue to work  through Global Competence Certificate modules


Working groups develop their ideas into a scaled-down version of the possible solution to the identified problem.

Week 5

  • Explore Conflict styles in the buddy meet up 

  • Build your global competence through online learning 

  • Progress work group design challenge



Participants test their prototypes and gather feedback for improvement.

Chemistry Students
Teenager on Laptop

Week 6


  • Uncover the impact of power and privilege in intercultural settings

  • Complete the Global Competence Certificate


Students will learn and practise how to  pitch their projects in preparation for the final showcase.

Post Program

Celebrate the achievements of VYL India

  • Join all participants, mentors and special guests in the program closing

  • Participants will share their work in a projects showcase

  • Final reflections

  • Celebrate new learnings, new connections and a bright future

Online Class

We welcome the schools participating in VYL 2023

Victorian Schools 

Brighton Secondary College

St Joseph's College Geelong

Drouin Secondary College

Alkira Secondary College

Yarram Secondary College

Thomas Carr College

St Columba's College

Wellington Secondary College

Doncaster Secondary College

Mount Rowan Secondary College

Indian Schools 

Raghav Global School

Ridge Valley School

Adhyapana School, CBSE

Valistus International School

Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School

Deccan International School

S. D Public School

Jain International Residential School

Delhi Public School, Dwarka Expressway

Global City International School

The logo for the AFS International Programs Global Competence Certificate

Global Competence Certificate 


The Global Competence Certificate is a self-paced and modular online educational tool to improve the global competence of participants and enhance their appreciation for, and ability to learn, work and thrive across differences. Self-paced learning is interspersed with weekly live online workshops and interactions to build intercultural capabilities and foster peer-to-peer learning.

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