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Global Competence for All


We support diverse groups and organisations for whom intercultural communication is a vital skill to the success of their performance and organisational success. The Value Learning team is experienced in helping organisations by identifying training needs, analysing and designing best interventions, and evaluating results.

As certified administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale, and qualified trainers for the Global Competence Certificate, our team can help individuals, teams or organisations assess and develop their intercultural competence. Our courses can be adjusted to align with your needs and offer a transformational experience for teams to work together to enhance their global skills in an interactive and meaningful way.

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Global Competence Certificate

The Global Competence Certificate is a research-backed, award-winning program that has helped ten of thousands of individuals across six continents improve their global competence and enhance their appreciation for and ability to learn, work and thrive across differences. Value Learning can leverage the AFS GCC as an effective tool as a part of its intercultural learning consultation, facilitation, and program design and development services for education, non-profit, and government organisations across Australia.

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We are qualified administrators of the The Intercultural Development Inventory®  - the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes 

IDI - Intercultural Development Inventory


The IES provides an assessment of the degree to which students possess competencies that are critical to interacting effectively with people from other cultural backgrounds. These include intercultural self awareness, continuous learning and resilience. This is an effective tool that we utilise in our work across a range of organisations. 

IES -The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale