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Globally Engaged Learners Program – Global Up Teen

The Victorian Department of Education through its Global Learning and Engagement Programs believes that a globally-oriented education system is crucial to ensuring that our young people have the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world and workplace. 

As part of their Globally Engaged Learners Program (GELs) we bring you Global Up Teen, a new program from the award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate. Global Up Teen is an online, fully-funded teen-friendly learning program that develops tangible global skills essential to live, work and have a real social impact around the world.  With facilitated live sessions during school hours, and modules in their own time, students connect with peers across Victoria and Asia to develop essential and lifelong global “power skills”: collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural communication, open-mindedness and flexibility.

Program Overview

Run during Terms 2 and 3 over five weeks, Global Up Teen features a closed, minors-only platform custom built for Victorian students and their international peers from China, India, and Indonesia aged between 13 and 17 years. 

Student Participation 

Nominated by their teachers, participants for Global Up Teen are in years 8 to 11. Each cohort is equally weighted between Victorian and overseas students, enabling participants to connect with international peers during our weekly 90-minute live sessions with a qualified facilitator. There are between 20 and 40 participants in each cohort.

Global UP Teen 

Consisting of 19 self-paced modules done at home, and 5 facilitated live sessions during supervised school hours, students will explore topics such as:

  • Metaphors of Culture

  • Stereotypes

  • Suspending Judgement

  • Coping and Being Resilient

  • Understanding Inequalities

  • Learning about Microaggressions and more

Information sheet - Victorian students

Information sheet - International students

About the Program


250 high school students in Years 8 to 11 (aged 13 to 17) who are:

  • from Victoria, China, India or Indonesia

  • eager to develop their intercultural capabilities 

  • willing to interact with peers across  the Asia Pacific while  discovering their own culture and Victoria's culture 

  • curious to  discover more about themselves and others 


 By participating in this program students will:

  • develop intercultural capabilities and 21st century critical thinking skills

  • increase their self awareness and awareness of others 

  • feel empowered to be a leader in their school community

  • develop a network of peers from the Asia Pacific region 

  • express themselves in a safe virtual environment

  •  understand privilege, diversity inclusion and more 


This program is fully funded by the Department of Education Victoria, so neither your school nor your students have to pay anything.


Participants  will need:

  • a laptop, desktop or tablet with a camera

  • access to stable internet

  • earphones

When is the program offered? 

Term 2 Options

Cohort 1 Indonesia & Victoria:

Monday 1 May -

Monday 29 May

Cohort 2 Indonesia & Victoria

Tuesday 9  May -

Tuesday  6 June

Cohort 3 India & Victoria:

Tuesday 16 May -

Tuesday  13 June

Cohort 4 Indonesia & Victoria:

Thursday 18 May -

Thursday 15  June

Term 3 Options


Cohort 5 China & Victoria:

Tuesday 18 July - 

Tuesday 15 August

Cohort 6 China & Victoria:

Thursday 20 July -

Thursday 17 August


Cohort 7 Mixed cohort:

Tuesday 8 August -

Tuesday 5 September

Cohort 8 India & Victoria:

Thursday 10 August -

Thursday 7 September

Global Up Teen: Week to Week 


Week 1  - Discover

  • Welcome

  • Roadmap

  • Learning Styles

  • Metaphors of Culture

  • Who Am I?

  • Comfort Zone

  • Exploring Perspectives

  • Stereotypes and generalisations

Week 2  - Deliver


  • Empathy & Listening

  • Suspending Judgement

  • Cultural Value Dimensions

  • Communication Styles

Self Study
Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

Week 3  - Deepen


  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Coping & Being Resilient

  • Understanding Inequality

Week 4  - Diversity


  • Microaggressions

  • Power & Privilege

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Taking Action

Computer Class
Remote Learning

Week 5  - Debrief


Register your school's interest in Global Up Teen

Victorian Schools

Teachers, register your school's interest to participate in Global Up Teen and introduce your students to experiential intercultural learning with students from China, India and Indonesia to help them develop their global citizenship and 21st Century skills. 

Schools in China, India or Indonesia


Teachers, register your school's interest to participate in Global Up Teen and introduce your students to experiential intercultural learning with students from across Victoria, Australia to help them develop their global citizenship and 21st Century skills. 

If your school is not in China, India or Indonesia you can still apply. Make sure you select ‘Mixed Cohort’ on the EOI.

Indian students and teacher in class.jpg

Frequently asked questions


​Want to know more before you submit your expression of interest?  We have a raft of answers to your questions to help you understand the program and the opportunity it offers to students at your school.

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