AFS Global STEM Innovators
Perth, Western Australia  
1 September - 16 October 2022

Are you a young innovator, interested in STEM, sustainability?

Are you curious about the world and keen to make local impact?


Join a 5-week, virtual exchange program culminating in a 2-day in-person sustainability workshop.


The online program and workshop will focus on STEM, global competence, and sustainability,

with an emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Build the skills and understanding needed to advance global sustainable development and become an active global citizen!

Interactive online

Interactive content modules, to work through at your own speed.

Become an active global citizen 

Join online forums to connect with others to share and reflect on your learning and  ideas.

Learn with others

Virtual live sessions with other participants and experts and an in-person workshop.


Qualified facilitator to mentor and guide you.

About the program 

Am I eligible? 

Do you live in or near Perth, are 14-16 years of age and at  high school, and are resident in Australia?  

Are you interested in STEM,  sustainability,  eager to expand your knowledge of global competence and the UN Sustainable Development Goals?  


Are you curious with a willingness to interact with diverse peers?


Then this program is for you.

What will I do on the program? 

The AFS Global STEM Innovators program consists of two parts.


The program begins with a 5-week, virtual global competence education program, and culminates with a 2-day in-person sustainability workshop.


The online program and workshop will focus on STEM, global competence, and sustainability, with an emphasis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What does the program cost? 

The AFS Global STEM Innovators program is a scholarship program with no costs to participants. 


The Scholarship covers the tuition cost of the five-week digital program and costs and activities associated with the 2-day local workshop.

Who will I connect with on the program?

During the program you will connect with other participants, creative and active young entrepreneurs and business leaders who play important roles in STEM, sustainability and innovation  in Australia. 


Throughout the program you will be supported by a mentor and online program facilitator.

Your commitment to learning 

How many applicants are selected? 

150 Australian participants will be selected from Perth and surrounding areas for the The AFS Global STEM Innovators program.

Participants are expected to engage fully in all aspects of the program.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program? 

Participants will be expected to allocate approximately 2.5 hours each week to the program.


This time will be distributed between self paced online activities and facilitated sessions.


What do I need?

A computer, smartphone or other digital device to access the virtual program content.


An integrated webcam and microphone for participation in online dialogue sessions.


Stable internet or wifi connection

Please reach out if this is a barrier to you applying for the program.

Develop your global skills

Receive the AFS Global Competence Certificate acknowledging your active global citizenship skills.

Learn about yourself and others 

Deepen your awareness of one’s self, one’s identity, and one’s culture, and explore how all three intersect.

Identify and understand how cultural groups shape ways of feeling, perceiving, thinking, and behaving.

Become an active global citizen 

Get to know the UN SDGs and how they connect with one’s realities. 

Develop increased curiosity and concern about urgent global issues.

Understand the interdependence of the global community.

Build emotional intelligence

Learn to suspend judgment and be flexible in new and different cultural contexts.

Apply effective strategies to deal with ambiguous situations.


Communicate and collaborate more effectively and appropriately with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

Gain skills to help you take action

Recognise that solutions to global challenges require collaboration. 

Take action for positive impact in local communities and help advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Are you ready to become a Global STEM Innovator ? 

Take a look at the weekly program outline 

Online Class

Week 1: Welcome and kickoff

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Roadmap 

3. Learning Styles 

4. Metaphors of Culture 

5. Who Am I?

Week 2

6. Leaving Your Comfort Zone 

7. Exploring Perspectives 

8. Stereotypes & Generalizations 

9. Empathy & Listening

10. Suspending Judgment

Live Session 1

Happy Student
Self Study

Week 3


11. Cultural Value Dimensions

12. Communication Styles

13. Dealing with Conflict

14. Coping & Being Resilient

Live Session 2

Week 4


15. Understanding Inequality

16. Microaggressions

17. Power & Privilege

Live Session 3

21st century skills.jpeg

Week 5


18. 21st Century Skills

19. Taking Action

Live Session 4


In-person Workshop | October 15 and 16

Workshop Day 1 | Kwinana


  • Welcome & Opening Words

  • Getting to know each other

  • Global Citizenship

  • Guest speakers related to initiatives in sustainability


  • Lunch Break


  • Site vist

  • Day 1 reflection

Workshop Day 2 | Perth CBD

  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Talks and Panel Discussion

  • Observing our environment


  • Lunch Break


  • Developing a changemaking idea

  • Taking Action as Global Citizens

  • Showcase and Closing

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