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Nishita Mehta

Program Manager

A skilled program manager, based in India, Nishita is passionate about enabling and empowering individuals, especially high-school students, with global competence and intercultural skills required for a sustainable future.

Anggie Hall.jpg

Anggie Hall


Anggie is an experienced cross-cultural facilitator and trainer with over 15 years of experience working with both local and international companies. People, culture, designing and delivering  training have always been her passion.

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Eloise Dolan

Associate Director, Business Development

Eloise is responsible for expanding our reach in 2023. She oversees the management and delivery of the Globally Engaged Learners Program and coordinates our Standing Offer of Arrangement with Queensland’s Department of Education.

About Us


Co-founders Fran Baxter and Marcela Lapertosa are intercultural learning designers and project managers who built their expertise through their respective careers with a leading global intercultural learning organisation . Together they have managed a series of government, industry and educational project.  A team of highly skilled associates help deliver Value Learning's programs.

Fran Baxter


Fran is committed to helping build intercultural competence as a means of increasing deeper understanding amongst groups and individuals, and the value of diversity.  She is an intercultural educator who has consulted with community, education and government organisations to design and deliver transformational learning interventions with students, volunteers, staff and educators across Australia and in a diverse range of countries worldwide. Fran holds a Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, is a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and a qualified trainer for the Global Competence Certificate. Fran’s earlier consulting and teaching work focussed on the design and delivery of accredited training for trainers and assessors and she recently held the role of CEO for AFS Intercultural Programs Australia.

Fran’s love of learning fuels her work and personal life.  Learning through immersion in new cultures, both at home and abroad stimulates her natural curiosity and interest in people to people connections.

Marcela Lapertosa

Marcela Lapertosa is a Child Psychologist with a Masters degree in Cross Cultural Psychology and a passion for fostering intercultural understanding. Marcela is also an intercultural facilitator and trainer who has travelled the world providing intercultural learning training and coaching to students, host families, volunteers, executives and educators. Marcela led the development of multiple intercultural learning curricula to enhance study abroad experiences including the AFS Global Competence Certificate, a blended learning program for 18+ study abroad participants.


Over the last few years Marcela has been an advocate for Global Citizenship education organising and speaking at several conferences around the world. She is a former faculty at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication and is also a certified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.


Meet our team

Dedication. Intercultural Expertise . Global citizens

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