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Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2024

Are you aged between 21 and 25 years ? Do you have a passion for learning about Indonesian culture while you develop skills and share your Australian culture?  The Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) is designed especially for you!


 Engage with  program alumni and others who hold influence and experience in the Australia-Indonesia diplomatic, academic and business world.


The program has two  main components: an online and an in-country experience.


Participants will engage online for 5 weeks getting to know each other, working through the Global Competence Certificate and preparing for an experience in another culture.  Then, each group will spend five weeks in each other’s country. While abroad participants will stay with host families, complete a three-week work placement with a local business or organisation and  engage in special events and take part in an Australia-Indonesia Youth Forum.

Brought to you by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Value Learning, AIYEP combines online learning; in-country experience living with a host family, a work experience placement, language skills, access to Australian-Indonesian experts and opportunities to build on your intercultural skills in this comprehensive seven week program. 


Read on to learn more about the AIYEP program, then make your application! 

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Program Dates for Australians 

Online :26 September- 24 October, 2024
In person: 29 November - 9 January 2025


Applications for 2024 are open until 30th June 2024..

Information Sessions

Join one of two information sessions to learn about the program

Click on one of the links below to register your details. 

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Successful Applicants

Program Opening Ceremony and Welcome

26 September 2024

26 September- 24 October 

Two online live meetings per week – up to 4 hours 

Indonesian group  in Australia


1 November to 4 December 2024

All participants meet in Canberra and
Youth Forum

Date to be confirmed

Australian and Indonesian groups together  in Indonesia

4 December 2024 to 9 January 2025

Your Time Commitment

10 Weeks:

  • 5 weeks  online phase ( 4 hours per week)

  • 5 weeks in-country experience


About the Program 

Learn about the program

week to week 


Find the answers to your questions about AIYEP

Host an AIYEPer

We are seeking families in Canberra to host Indonesian participants from 

9th November to 30th November, 2024

Application T's and C's

Read the small print about your application and  personal information

About the Program 2024

Online and in country delivery


The 2024 edition of the Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program will be delivered online for the first five weeks, followed by five weeks in country in keeping with the following goals:


  • Provide opportunities for young people from Indonesia and Australia to work together online to gain a better understanding of the culture, development, and way of life of each other's country,

  • Form a vibrant group of young people who are committed to the improvement and strengthening of bilateral relationships, and

  • Provide young Indonesians and Australians with an opportunity to gain insights into the work environment in each country, learn how organisations function and dive into work-culture nuances

In-country experience

While abroad participants will:

  • stay with host families

  • complete a 3-week work placement with local businesses and organisations

  • engage in special events and take part in an Australia-Indonesia Youth Forum

Program Opening Ceremony and Welcome

26 September 2024

  • Welcome address from Australia-Indonesia Institute and Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Youth and Sport, Kemenpora

  • Meet your fellow participants online

  • Meet your Counterpart

  • Prepare for the commencement of the program 

  • Meet Alumni 

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Governor General online.jpg

Week 1 


  • Start your journey with AIYEP!

  • Assess your intercultural competence

  • Formal opening with government representatives

  • Welcome and introductions, establish group dynamics and meet your counterpart

  • Start the Global Competence Certificate*

Week 2

  • Delve deeper into elements of culture as you immerse in the online modules

  • Learn strategies to suspend judgement and explore different communication and work styles in Australia and Indonesia

  • Continue online catch ups with your counterpart

Opening Ceremony 2022.png

Week 3


  • Gain more intercultural skills through the online learning 

  • Sessions on conflict styles, exploring diversity and inequalities in Australia and Indonesia

  • Continue online catch ups with your counterpart

Week 4 and 5


  • Explore power and privilege, leadership styles in Australia and Indonesia

  • Finish the Global Competence Certificate

  • Prepare for the travel experience

AIYEP 2023-Indonesians on Sydney Harbour.jpg

Indonesian participants in Australia

1 November to 4 December 2024


  • Practise intercultural competence through an in-country experience in Australia

  • Stay with an Australian host family 

  • Participate in a work placement

  • Professional development mentoring

  • Take part in an Alumni led social activities


Group meet up - Canberra

29 November - 4 December 2024


  • Meet your counterparts in Canberra

  • Participate in formal and informal events

  • Meet Australian and Indonesian officials

  • Take part in an Alumni led social activities

All participants in Indonesia

4 December 2024 to 9 January 2025

  • Practise intercultural competence through an in-country experience in Indonesia

  • Stay with an Indonesian host family 

  • Participate in a work placement

  • Professional development mentoring

  • Take part in an Alumni led social activities


In country - Indonesian participants

Host an Indonesian AIYEPer

AIYEP 2023 Host families.JPG

Becoming a host family for AIYEP is a unique opportunity for Australian families to create exciting new intercultural connections and contribute to international engagement between Australia and Indonesia.


Host families share Australian daily life and culture with AIYEP participants and in return gain a deeper understanding of Indonesian culture and greater intercultural awareness.


While the Indonesian delegates participate in full-time work placement at host organisations during the week, they will interact with their host family's daily life and schedule in the morning and evenings. On weekends, host families are encouraged to involve AIYEP participants in their regular weekend activities. Throughout the in-country stay, AIYEP delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in local school cultural exchange visits and alumni-led social activities.


In 2024, we are searching for host families in Canberra to host 21 Indonesian participants from 9th November to 30th November.


If you would like to become a host family for AIYEP 2024, you can apply below today!

Interested in hosting but want to know more? 

AIYEP2023-Host families.JPG
The logo for the AFS International Programs Global Competence Certificate

 AFS Global Competence Certificate 


* The AFS Global Competence Certificate (GCC), is a combination of online learning and live training delivered through 18 modules. Each module has a series of videos, forums, quizzes, and activities to help participants enhance their learning.


The program brings the content of intercultural learning through a modular, blended, and experiential learning approach. It can be self-paced. This curriculum serves as the basis for further individual and group reflection and experimentation during live online facilitated components delivered throughout the duration of the program.


The content of the online modules helps each participant reflect on his or her own cultural identity and supports participants as they learn about others, manage their emotions, and build meaningful relationships across differences.

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